What should I do if the metal is deformed during spinning?

What should I do if the metal is deformed during spinning

When performing metal CNC spinning, some factors can cause deformation, so how to avoid this situation? What should be paid attention to when performing metal CNC spinning? Let’s take a look with the editor.


1. The structural design should be reasonable, the thickness difference should not be too large, and the shape should be symmetrical; for large-deformed molds, the law of deformation should be mastered so as to reserve machining allowances. For large, precise and complex molds, a combined structure can be used.


2. The heating temperature should be selected reasonably, for example, slow heating or preheating can be used for sophisticated molds, and other methods of equalizing heating lamps can be used to reduce mold heat treatment deformation.


3. On the premise of ensuring the hardness of the CNC spinning machine mold, try to use pre-cooling, staged cooling quenching or warm quenching process. For some precision and complex molds, pre-heat treatment, aging heat treatment, tempering and nitriding heat treatment can be used. Control the accuracy of the mold.


4 It is necessary to do a good job of timely maintenance and repair of mold blisters, pores, wear and other defects, and use cold welding machines and other repair equipment with low heat impact to avoid deformation during the repair process.