What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of stainless steel spinning products?

What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of stainless steel spinning products

Processing characteristics of stainless steel spinning products:


The CNC spinning machine is not capable of processing stainless steel spinning, but is also applicable to other materials, such as copper, aluminum, and iron.


2. It can improve the utilization rate of materials, thereby reducing the cost of production, saving resources and avoiding waste.


3. It can make up for the discontinuity caused by welding, make the workpiece complete and seamless, and improve the quality of stainless steel spinning.

Spinning products processing

Attention should be paid to stainless steel spinning processing:


1. The surface of the blank needs to be brushed with stretching oil

During the process of stainless steel spinning, the temperature of the material, mold, and cutter wheel is very high, so it is necessary to continuously coat the surface of the material and the mold with drawing oil. The drawing oil has a lubricating effect and is attached to the surface of the material. Oil also has a cooling effect. If the spinning stainless steel is not coated with stretching oil, the product will be easy to crack or be scratched by the cutter wheel. In addition, there is no stretching oil effect. After the cutter wheel is produced for a long time and the mold is heated up, the gap will become smaller, causing machine vibration and spinning. The surface texture of the product is uneven.


2. The cutter wheel needs hard materials


The general spinning cutter wheel is made of CR12 steel, but spinning stainless steel, CR12 steel is not hard enough, the cutter wheel is easily scratched by the stainless steel material, and there will be a lot of scratches on the surface of the formed product. CR12 can be used for electroplating or change to high-speed steel material, the cutter wheel is not easy to wear.

Spinning products processing

3. Cutting blade wear

After the stainless steel spinning is completed, it is often necessary to trim the edge. The trimming is turned with a turning knife blade. Due to the high hardness of the stainless steel material, the blade is easy to wear. After the blade is worn, the stainless steel cutting edge will have many burrs, so you need to pay attention to it during production. Whether the stainless steel blades are worn or chipped, the blades need to be replaced in time.


4. The gap between the spinning cutter wheel and the mold

The temperature rise of the spinning process for a long time causes the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold to become smaller, and the gap between the cutter wheel and the mold needs to be adjusted in time. The thicker stainless steel material will increase the temperature during the processing process.