What are the obvious characteristics of the metal spinning process?

What are the obvious characteristics of the metal spinning process?

Metal spinning processing technology is widely used, which is inseparable from its advantages. Therefore, in recent years, it is gradually being used by people.

Then, what are the outstanding advantages of metal spinning processing technology? Here, a regular metal spinning manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.

The first point is that the deformation conditions of the metal are better. In the process of metal spinning, the rotary wheel will almost contact the metal touch. Therefore, the contact area is relatively small and the unit pressure is relatively large. The general material cannot be experienced. Under such pressure, only high-strength and difficult-to-deform materials like metal can withstand the pressure of spinning, so metal materials are used and spinning technology.

The second point is that the range of products processed by metal spinning is relatively wide. During the production process, we can make special pipes, large-diameter thin-walled pipes, variable-section pipes, and spherical products according to the capabilities of the spinning machine. .
The third point is that because the metal spinning processing plant adopts mass production when producing, it will make the material utilization rate high, thereby also reducing the production cost.

The fourth point is that an integral seamless hollow part of the revolving body can be made. Because this kind of workpiece has relatively high requirements for processing technology, many processing technologies cannot be completed. It is precisely because of the production of metal spinning processing technology that it is very smooth Solved this problem for people. Eliminate the disadvantages of welding discontinuity and low strength.

Of course, these are only part of the characteristics of the metal spinning process. There are many other features of the process, and we will not introduce them one by one here. In short, metal spinning is a processing technology with a very wide range of applications and very good results.