What are the characteristics of spinning

What are the characteristics of spinning

The characteristics of spinning are as follows:


(1) During the spinning process, the spinning wheel presses down the blank point by point, and the unit pressure is 2500-3500N/mm2. The spinning technology can process high-strength and difficult-to-deform materials, and the total deformation force required is also small, so spinning is used Processing technology can reduce power consumption;


(2) Under the action of the deformation force, the metal grains of the blank will be displaced along the sliding surface of the deformation zone;


(3) The use of powerful spinning processing can achieve higher surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy;


(4) Spinning processing can be applied to a variety of metal materials;


(5) The same spinning machine can produce multiple products;


(6) Extrusion parts, welded parts, stamping parts, etc. can be used as blanks, and the sources of blanks are very wide;


(7) The use of spinning processing technology can improve the utilization rate of materials, save time and cost,