The meaning of spinning

The meaning of spinning

Spinning is to fix a flat or hollow blank on the mold of a spinning machine. While the blank is rotating with the main shaft of the bed, the blank is pressurized with a rotating wheel or a rod to cause local plastic deformation. Under the combined action of the feed motion of the rotary wheel and the rotating motion of the blank, the local plastic deformation is gradually extended to the entire surface of the blank and close to the mold to complete the spinning processing of the parts.

Spinning is a special forming method. The spinning method can be used to complete the deep drawing, flanging, necking, bulging and curling of various shapes of rotating bodies.

Fold according to deformation principle
Ordinary spinning machine? Powerful spinning machine

Fold by spindle position
Horizontal spinning machine: a horizontal spinning machine with a horizontal spindle is called a horizontal spinning machine

Vertical spinning machine: a vertical spinning machine with a vertical spindle

Number of folding wheels
Single wheel spinning machine: a spinning machine with only one wheel is called a single wheel spinning machine

Double-wheel spinning machine: a spinning machine with two wheels is called a double-wheel spinning machine

Three-wheel spinning machine: the one with three wheels is called three-wheel spinning machine? Multi-wheel: the one with more than three wheels is called multi-wheel spinning machine

Relative position of folding mandrel
External spinning machine: a spinning machine that spins the workpiece from the outside with a rotary wheel

Internal spinning machine: the spinning wheel spins the workpiece from the inside

Folded in the direction of metal flow
Forward spinning: spinning where the direction of metal flow is the same as that of the spinning wheel

Reverse rotation: spinning in which the direction of metal flow is opposite to the direction of rotation of the wheel

Positive and negative spinning: the spinning of metal flowing in two directions during the spinning process