Teach you the skills to deal with after the wheel is scratched

Teach you the skills to deal with after the wheel is scratched

When it comes to car maintenance, car owners often think of car paint and engine first, while the wheels are easily overlooked. But it is important to know that the visual impression of the appearance of the wheels is intuitive. It is this seemingly inconspicuous place that can show the owner’s taste just right, so don’t ignore the wheels when equipping your car.

When there are stains that are difficult to clean on the surface of the wheel hub, a professional cleaning agent should be selected. This cleaning agent can often gently remove the stain and reduce the damage to the aluminum alloy surface. In addition, there is a metal protective film on the wheel hub itself, so special care should be taken not to use paint brighteners and abrasive materials when cleaning. Be careful during driving to avoid “hard injuries” caused by scratches on the wheels. Once there are scratches or deformations, they should be repaired and repainted as soon as possible.

How to repair scratches?

There are six specific steps to repair:
1: Check the scars. If there is no damage to the inside of the wheel hub, you can simply repair it. Use paint thinner to wipe around the scars to remove dirt;
2: The deep scratched part is difficult to remove the dirt, then you can use a toothpick to clean it;
Three: In order to prevent the unrelated parts from being painted with paint by mistake, the adhesive tape should be carefully pasted around the scar;
Four: Finish the brush tip, apply finishing paint, the paint shrinks slightly after drying, and it should be painted slightly protruding;
Five: After painting, it takes about a week to wait for drying. After drying, apply water-resistant paper dipped in soapy water to smooth the surface;
Six: After wiping with water-resistant paper, wipe out the light with the mixture, and then wax.

If you encounter a deep scar, the main observation is to see if the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust. You can concentrate on applying the finishing paint. Use the pen tip to go up little by little, and then wait for the paint to dry. To avoid such a phenomenon, the car should be diligent in washing the rims at the beginning of use. Every day, the car should be washed at least once a week, first rinse with clean water, and then use detergent to sponge scrub. , And then rinse with plenty of water.

Daily maintenance is indispensable. When the temperature of the wheel hub is high, it should be allowed to cool naturally before cleaning. Never use cold water to clean it; otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be damaged and the brake disc may even be deformed. Affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum alloy wheels with detergent at high temperatures will cause chemical reactions on the surface of the wheels, loss of luster, and affect the appearance.

When the wheel hub is stained with tar that is difficult to clean, if the general cleaning agent does not help, you can try to clean it with a brush, but do not use a brush that is too hard, especially an iron brush, to avoid damage to the surface of the hub. Some experts have introduced a remedy for cleaning asphalt: that is, using “active oil” for rubbing can get unexpected results. Car owners may wish to give it a try. In addition, when the area where the vehicle is located is close to the seashore, the wheels should be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface by salt.