Pressing process Molding process is a big problem?

Pressing process Molding process is a big problem

General FAQ

Material type, sword size, sword size, sword path diameter, sword R angle, sword Japanese imitation-like gap, product, product rotation press molding process Pressing product accuracy, sword jumping degree, sword gap related, sword pressing speed, main sword rotation speed, sword gap related system.

(1) Stainless steel press product


1) The thickness of the charge piece is low, 1 mm, and the charge piece is easily wrinkled and cleaved.

Solution method: R comparison small sword advancing press, this sample easy running sword formation squeeze, ability increasing material outer loop strength, low wrinkle appearance rate, young product appearance rupture, explanation material exhaustion Strongly triggered, adjustable sword-like density overcoming cleavage.


2) Crimping wrinkles or non-slip.

Solution method: Improper position of the press product, normal position of demand adjustment.

3) After cutting the car sword for stainless steel press, the hair is pierced.

Solving method: Stainless steel material comparison, sword grain polishing, modified sword, cutting hair stab meeting.


4) Stainless steel press, which is easy on the surface of the production process.

Solution method: Material hardness comparison high, for CR12 control sword, easy to squeeze, when the surface of this product appears, for sandpaper, sword, sword, and for others, CR12 sword Surface layer with sandpaper Higher hardness.


5) Easy rupture of the root of the product, which is shown in the picture.

Solution method: Factors One-sided diameter sword press imitation tool Small diameter Large and small Proportional sword large, sword-running primary sword road charge One-root part receptive aggression large, easy deformation and exhaustion Extreme rupture, demand adjustment improvement A gap.


(2) Aluminum press

1) Aluminum press, inner wall non-smoothness

Solution method: Aluminum press The inner wall is not light-sliding, the main factor is the surface of the imitation tool.


2) Aluminum press, the outer wall is not smooth

Solution method: Aluminum press-related outer wall non-light slip Main cause Paid single-sided press-return press imitation or advance rotation speed irrational, excluding this, for-use press light sword product molding After-run Ichitoya Noh outer wall light slip.


3) Aluminum press criticism

Dissolving method: Aluminum melting point comparison low, long-time critical production tool Japanese sword temperature high, sword surface local mucilage, processed products association present flower. Demand weight new sword polishing sword is immediately available.