How to perfect the spinning process?

How to perfect the spinning process?

Spinning is a process of processing various metal materials into spinning parts. There are also many methods of this process. Among them, there is the difference between CNC spinning and ordinary spinning. Here I want to talk about it. It is the key points of process knowledge that should be paid attention to when performing ordinary spinning processing. The specific points are as follows.

Spinning is abbreviated as general spinning, which can complete various tasks such as deep drawing, ribbing, closing, sealing, flanging, and crimping.
Ordinary spinning forming process, ordinary spinning workpieces have different shapes, all of which are axisymmetric hollow rotaries, so they have a wide range of uses. There are forming processes such as shrinking, expanding, and curling.

Deep-drawing forming, expanding and spinning ribs, shrinking and narrowing, crimping forming, ordinary spinning includes integral forming and partial forming.
According to the different technical requirements of different specifications of the workpiece on the modern spinning machine, cold spinning and hot spinning can be adopted to carry out corresponding plastic forming; the main categories are drawing spinning, shrinking spinning, expanding spinning, stalking and other processing formations. .

The CNC spinning processing technology is not static. With the continuous progress of society, the processing technology also needs us to continuously improve. Only in this way can we truly guarantee better learning in the future. In the whole process, how to complete the processing technology, and whether there are some better ways and methods.

Before the CNC spinning process is perfected, I have a good understanding of the previous process, especially the market’s view of this process. These aspects have extremely important functions and significance for Hebei CNC spinning processing plants. In some places It may have overlooked the situation in this regard, so it can not be better to achieve perfection.

The quotations of CNC spinning processing will be different, mainly because the technology of CNC spinning processing workers is different. Targeted understanding of this aspect and continuous improvement of suppliers will be recognized by more people, which will also have great benefits for better development in the future. Some people ignore this situation and therefore did not achieve better results.