Do you know the tire aspect ratio and precautions?

Do you know the tire aspect ratio and precautions

Many riders like wheel modification. When it comes to wheel modification, it has to involve the replacement of tires, although the J value of the wheel will correspond to the tire of the corresponding width. However, due to the flat ratio, there are more choices for tires…

Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of the height from the rim to the tread to the measured width of the tire’s cross-section, expressed as a percentage, that is, the percentage of the height to the width. Take the 205/60R15 specification tire as an example. Its cross-sectional width is 205 mm, the tire inner diameter is 15 inches, and the aspect ratio is 60.

Generally speaking, at present, domestically-made cars use more tires with small width, small inner diameter and high aspect ratio. Tires with a high aspect ratio are relatively comfortable due to their long sidewalls and strong cushioning capacity, but they have a poorer feel on the road and weak lateral resistance when turning.

Conversely, tires with low aspect ratio and large inner diameter have a wide tread due to their short sidewalls. Therefore, the ground contact area is large, the tires can withstand high pressure, the response to the road surface is very sensitive, and the lateral resistance when turning is strong, which greatly enhances the controllability of the vehicle.

At present, most of the modified cars will choose to increase the size during the process of wheel modification, so the replaced tires have a smaller flatness ratio than the original tires. This has the advantage of highlighting the beautiful appearance of the car body. At the same time, it is larger. Larger wheel hub space can be fitted with larger brake calipers. At the same time, it is bad during driving. Therefore, before the wheel hub modification, choose the tires in advance, which should be close to the original mileage.

A warm reminder from Huiru Spinning Technology: Generally speaking, the tires that the vehicle is equipped with are selected by the manufacturer after repeated tests. If the car owner wants to change the tire size, it must be carried out under the guidance of professionals. It cannot be done at will, because this involves many problems, and a slight negligence may cause harm to the driving. In addition, low-profile tires will appear more “delicate”, so you should pay more attention and care during use.